BigliettoVeloce is a platform for the provision of online booking and pre-sale services (the "Servizio BigliettoVeloce") of tickets for access to museums, shows, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, fairs, amusement parks and cultural events o entertainment in general.
Pursuant to and for the effects of art. 49 of the Consumer Code, we inform you that the supplier of the Ticket Service and the owner of the BigliettoVeloce platform is R.S.H. Software House Srl based in Via Ezio Sciamanna 8 / B 00168 Rome, Fiscal Code / VAT number / Nr. Registration of the Register of Companies of Rome 02011381205, R.E.A. RM 853350 ("Supplier"). The following are the general terms and conditions of the contract (the "General Conditions of Contract") governing the Ticket Ticket, whose acceptance by the Customer (as defined below) is an essential condition for the Customer to validly use the Ticket Service. The General Conditions of Contract govern the relationship between the Customer and Supplier in the use and use of the Ticket Service. General Conditions for using the Ticket Ticket Service:

Art.1. Definitions

  1. Customer: is the person who uses the Ticket Service for the purchase of one or more Securities for Access.
  2. Consumer Code: is the Legislative Decree 6 October 2005 n. 206 and s.m.i.
  3. Service Fee: this is the surcharge applied by the Supplier on the Facial Price of the Access Titles and constitutes remuneration in whole or in part of the Ticket Ticket Service. It is indicated at Customer during the purchase process of the Access Title and is invoiced directly by the Supplier to the Customer.
  4. Ticket Service Ticket Agreement: it is the contract that you establishes between the Supplier and the Customer for the provision of the Service BigliettoVeloce and for the use of the same by the customer.
  5. Sales Contract: this is the contract established between the Customer and the Organizer, concerning the sale of the Access Title through the Ticket Ticket Service to be understood governed by present General Conditions of Contract in the parts referred to fruition of the Event, from the applicable provisions concerning sale in accordance with applicable Italian law and by warnings on the back of the purchased Access Title.
  6. Consumer: the Customer is a natural person who uses the Service TicketStick for the purchase of Access Titles for non-commercial purposes to the professional or entrepreneurial activity carried out.
  7. Advance Sale: any increase applied by the Organizer in the case of presale of the Access Title. IS' an integral part of the Facial Price of the purchased Access Title by the Customer and is indicated on the Access Title separately with respect to the Nominal Value of the Access Title.
  8. Event: it is the manifestation, the show or the representation a to which the Access Title refers.
  9. Organizer: is the subject that organizes the Event for which the Access Title was issued. Supplier in the sale of the Title Access through the Ticket Service works in the name and for account of the Organizer. Pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 49 of the Consumer Code, the data and references of the Organizer are indicated to the Customer before the completion of the purchase and are shown on the Access Title.
  10. Facial price: it is the price composed by the Nominal Value over to any pre-sale right and is shown on the title of Networking.
  11. Ticket ServiceVeloce: is the set of booking services, issuing and making available the Access Title to the Customer through the Ticket sales network. Service BigliettoVeloce does not include the sale of the Access Title and / or the provision of the consistent performance in the Event which remain valid and / or obligations of exclusive competence and responsibility of the Organizer, in the name and on whose behalf the Supplier is acting providing only the Ticket Ticket Service.
  12. Title of Access Title: is the subject that holds legitimately and in compliance with these General Conditions of Contract an Access Title with your name stamped where the Access Title is nominative.
  13. Access Title: is the document also in digital format, having tax value, purchased by the Customer through the Service TicketSelect that legitimizes the holder of the Access Title access to the Event. The Access Title is strictly of a nature personal and can not be transferred for consideration and can not be subject to intermediation, in compliance with the relevant legislation tax (decree 23/07/2001 and s.m.i.). Access Titles not can be replaced if they are lost, lost, deteriorated, damaged, destroyed or stolen.
  14. Nominal Value: it is the price of the Access Title net of Advance Sale and Service Fee.

Art.2. Object of the Ticket Ticket Service

Art.3. Duration of bookings

Art.4. Cancellation of bookings due to failure to complete the transaction

Art.5. Method of payment and conclusion of the contract

Art.6. Security

Art.7. Method of collection and delivery

Art.8. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

Art.9. Event postponed or canceled, disservices related to the event

Art.10. Access to the Ticket Ticket Service

Art.11. Complaints

Art.12. Link to other sites

Art.13. Supplier Responsibilities

Art.14. Competent court

I declare to have read the general conditions of sale and to expressly approve the following clauses, pursuant to and for effects referred to in Articles 1341 and 1342 c.c .: Art. 1.12 (non issue of substitute access titles in case of loss, loss, deterioration, damage, destruction or theft); Articles 3.1-3.2 (duration of reservation time); Art. 5.7 (not the responsibility of the Supplier in case of non-delivery of the confirmation e-mail for incorrect communication of user data); Art. 7.2 (not responsibility of the Supplier in case of non-delivery of the titles of Access by express courier for communication incorrect user data); Art. 9.1 (Supplier not responsible for reimbursement of Access Securities for canceled or postponed events and obligation the user to contact the Third Organizers); Art. 9.2 (Supplier not responsible for changes in events and unaffected right of the supplier to the service commission); Art. 9.2 (Exclusion from reimbursement of shipping costs, if already incurred by the Supplier, of Title of Access to canceled or postponed events); Art. 9.3 (Supplier not responsible for damages to the user for cancellation of events); Art. 10.1 (user's obligation to keep their own updated and valid data); Art. 10.3 (user obligations with respect to Login and Password); Art. 10.4 (right of the Supplier to inhibit access to the Service Ticket Fast in relation to illegitimate use of Login and Password); Art. 14.2 (Exclusive jurisdiction for non-consumer users).

Date of last update
General Conditions updated on 30/01/2018.